What is God doing
with you today?


At Mount Wilson, we're excited about your answer. We know that we serve a God who uses us in the every day activities of life... through hurts and joys... trials and successes... to transform the world!


Come share with us!





How did we end up on this hill?


To know us, you have to meet us, but you can start here. Take a moment to check out our staff, our heritage and our history, and then ask us a lot of questions. May the conversations begin!



When do we gather for worship?


Each week we gather for worship on Sunday mornings.
Worship service starts at 9:00 am
Sunday School follows at 10:25am.
Sunday School programs are available for all ages.

What to Expect in Worship


When we worship, we come as we are and leave not as we came. So let me unpack that a bit. We really work at not having a dress code, a language code, or a system code, but like in everything else, this is a struggle. And so week to week we gather, wearing jeans, suits, ties and sneakers to sing out of a hymnal or off a screen to expose ourselves to one another and ultimately to God. In this process, we bring our burdens and our sins, leave them at His feet and expose ourselves to Scripture and prayer. It's in this process of transformation that we come face to face with New Life and experience (as the Brethren say) "another way of living."


At Mount Wilson, we emphasize the public reading of Scripture and the participation of all of God's people in the act of worship. We share publically what God is doing in our midst through sharing and prayer. And we develop the lessons and patterns through Biblical exploration that lead us to acts of service and sharing the Good News in the community around us. There is a place at the table of worship for you, and the Kingdom is not the same without you.

Contact Information
Mount Wilson Church of the Brethren
1261 Mt. Wilson Rd.
Lebanon, PA 17042
Phone: (717) 867-1433
Email: office@mtwilsoncob.org